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Direct-to-chip Liquid Cooling for Data Centers

The Chilldyne Cool-Flo® System is a direct-to-chip liquid cooling system that delivers
coolant under negative pressure. Chilldyne’s technologies were designed specifically
to eliminate the risks associated with liquid cooling while keeping deployment
and operating costs low.

The Chilldyne system mitigates risk with its patented leak-proof design.

A Simple Solution

By using standard, finned heat sinks, modified for liquid cooling, Chilldyne’s Cool-Flo system is risk-free and easy to implement in any existing data center.

Product Information

Download documents for Chilldyne's Cool-Flo Liquid Cooling systems and products:
CF-CDU300, CF-RS15, Chilldyne Rack Manifold, SMART Failover Valve, and Chilldyne Servers.

Video Gallery

Check out the Chilldyne video gallery to view Chilldyne product demonstrations, simple server retrofits and our CDU in action.

Ready to cool off your data center power costs?

Learn more about this innovative energy-saving system today by calling (760) 476-3419, or email an engineer directly at admin@chilldyne.com.