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Direct-to-chip Liquid Cooling for Data Centers

Chilldyne’s Cool-Flo system is an efficient and low-cost liquid cooling solution.
Cool-Flo is 4,000 times more effective than air for cooling electronics and can reduce
average data center power usage by up to 45%.

A Simple Solution

By using standard, finned heat sinks, modified for liquid cooling, Chilldyne’s Cool-Flo system is risk-free and easy to implement in any existing data center.

Significant Cost Savings

The Cool-Flo system can reduce a typical data center’s power consumption by up to 45%. Find out what your cost savings can be.

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Get connected to a liquid cooling expert and see how easy it is to deploy the Cool-Flo system in your data center.

Ready to cool off your data center power costs?

Learn more about this innovative energy-saving system today by calling (760) 476-3419, or email an engineer directly at info@chilldyne.com.