Liquid Cooling Technology

The Chilldyne Cool-Flo system is a patented, direct-to-chip liquid cooling system that delivers coolant at a low flow rate by utilizing a proprietary negative pressure pump. Chilldyne’s technologies were designed specifically to eliminate the risks associated with liquid cooling while keeping deployment costs low and reducing data center operating costs.

Cool-Flo Benefits

Low Risk

The Cool-Flo system uses a proprietary, negative pressure main pump combined with standard heat sinks modified for liquid cooling to provide a leak-free system that maintains data center flexibility.

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High Reliability

The Cool-Flo System utilizes a proprietary pistonless pump and turbulator technology that enables a low flow rate which reduces demand on the pumping system and minimizes pump maintenance.

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Cost Effective

Chilldyne’s revolutionary technology suite enables the Cool-Flo system to utilize inexpensive hardware components, leading to cost-effective liquid cooling deployment.

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System Deployed and Operating Since June 2012

Our pilot system at Calit2's Qualcomm Institute data center at UCSD consists of three liquid cooled 1U two-socket nodes. The installation monitors system data while running typical research loads. Real-time data was made available online.

We are pleased to host this novel approach to computer cooling, which enables the use of liquids (water with a rust inhibitor, or perfluorocarbon) for improved heat exchange, while minimizing the risk of leaks in the data center.”

Tad Reynales, Technology Infrastructure Manager, Calit2 Qualcomm Institute