High Reliability

Once coolant is introduced into the system, a pistonless pump and turbulator technology enable a low flow rate which reduces demand on the pumping system and minimizes pump maintenance

The Cool-Flo System

The Cool-Flo System uses turbulent fluid properties to provide efficient heat conduction within the Cool-Flo finned heat sinks. Chilldyne’s proprietary turbulator technology creates a turbulent flow within the passages of the heat sink once coolant is introduced to the system. This allows the pistonless pump to operate at a low flow rate, reducing power consumption and demand on the pumping system.

Reduced Maintenance:

The system operates at low flow rates due to proprietary turbulator technology, which reduces demand on the pumping system and minimizes maintenance.

Automatic system verification:

The negative pressure pump system allows for automatic verification of system integrity upon initial deployment as well as for every re-start of the system.

Ease of Server Maintenance:

The No-Drip Hot Swap Connector automatically evacuates the coolant from the server when disconnected from the system. This allows technicians to perform maintenance as they would on any standard server without a concern for coolant being present.

Passive Server Components:

Chilldyne’s turbulator technology allows for completely passive components within the server - there is no need to use power from the server to power any elements of the system.