About Chilldyne

Launching a new wave of direct-to-chip liquid cooling

Our goal is to vastly improve how electronics are cooled in data centers, and help reduce energy consumption with cost-effective alternatives for air cooling. At Chilldyne, we believe the most effective choice is liquid cooling.
Chilldyne's technology enables water to be used for direct-to-chip cooling of CPUs in high performance computers and servers. It's purpose-built to reduce operating expenditures for data centers and eliminates the risks associated with liquid cooling.

The Story

Chilldyne spun out of Flometrics, an engineering services company that specializes in fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. Flometrics designs pumps, valves, blowers, nozzles and cooling systems for aerospace, medical and consumer applications. When we first heard that data centers waste half of their input power running air conditioners, we were shocked at the inefficiency. Aerospace engineering is all about efficiency, that is why you can fly from Singapore to Newark non-stop. For data centers, liquid cooling is much more efficient that air cooling. The reason that it is not widely implemented is that it is too expensive or too failure prone. The Cool-Flo system was designed by engineers and rocket scientists who know how to develop high performance aerospace system and low cost, reliable disposable medical devices. Data center servers are constantly being repaired. The server connections must never leak as the servers are removed and replaced. Even the best quick disconnects can be damaged, and the Chilldyne system ensures that damaged connectors do not leak coolant out. Furthermore, our liquid cooling pump can ingest air without a reduction in pumping power. We also offer fins on our cold plate which allows the server to still work air cooled if the liquid cooling is not plugged in. So, our system solves the problem of how to cool servers efficiently while maintaining uptime. The reason that it works so well is that it was designed by engineers with over 20 years of widely varied experience in fluid systems.

Our Team:

The Chilldyne technical team has more than 20 years of experience in fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. The team has helped clients to develop a variety of commercially-successful products.

Bob Spears

President and CEO

Mr. Spears is an accomplished Senior Operations Executive with over 30 years’ experience in diverse industries including biohazards/homeland security, financial services, personal computers and robotics. He has American and international leadership experiences center on operations, finance and general management of organizations ranging in size from a dozen to 6000+ employees. Mr. Spears has a proven track record of successfully funding and growing small emerging technology companies, expanding market share and profitability.

Prior to joining Chilldyne, Bob was President of Burlington Capital Diversified Services, a subsidiary of the Burlington Capital Group of Omaha, NE. The Burlington Capital Group, through its America First Real Estate Group subsidiary is a real estate and private equity firm with an extensive background in multi-family residential real estate ownership, financing, development and management. Under Bob’s direction, Burlington sold its Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) to facilitate growth in its other lines of business including international agriculture and multi-family real estate.

From 1990 to 2011 Bob has successfully overseen the growth and increased market share of several companies including InMoTx, Inc and MesoSystems Technology. Notably, Mr. Spears was an early employee at Gateway joining the company in North Sioux City, SD in 1990. During the decade he was at Gateway sales grew from $200 million to $8 billion a year. Mr. Spears started as Gateway’s Treasurer and was responsible for developing the company’s international business in both Europe and Asia and was Senior Vice President for the Americas. When he was responsible for Gateway Financial Services he grew the volume of financed PC’s from $400 million a year to $2 billion a year.

Mr. Spears holds a Master’s degree in Business Taxation from the University of Southern California, an MBA from Harvard Business School as well as a BA degree from Dartmouth College.

Dr. Steve Harrington

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Harrington has over 27 years of commercial experience in the fields of fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and electronics cooling. His unique experience runs the gamut from consumer product development to science. He has been responsible for numerous successful product development projects and IP generations. He holds a dozen U.S. patents and is named on many more. Dr. Harrington also teaches the Senior Aerospace Design class at UCSD.