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Chilldyne Liquid Cooling

The Chilldyne Cool-Flo® System is a direct-to-chip liquid cooling system that delivers coolant under negative pressure. Chilldyne’s technologies were designed specifically to eliminate the risks associated with liquid cooling while keeping deployment and operating costs low. The Chilldyne system mitigates risk with its patented leak-proof design.


The Chilldyne Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU) is a negative pressure system that uses liquid to cool up to 300kW of server heat. The Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU) can use cooling tower water at 15-30C (59-86F) to remove up to 300 kW of server heat (15C Rise). Its innovative design and energy efficiency allow for effective cooling of servers in high density applications.


The CF-CDU15 is a packaged system with pre-installed software and web page based monitoring and controls . This provides flexibility in integration with your data center for a trial or a user laptop for demo. The software and user interface for the rack scale system is harmonized with Chilldyne’s Full-Scale System (FSS) for production data-center use. This allows users to familiarize themselves with the operation and control of the Full-Scale System before deploying it in a production environment.

Chilldyne Server Liquid Cooling

Chilldyne offers custom liquid cooling kits that are designed to maximize direct-to-chip liquid cooling. Chilldyne can modify existing hardware or design and develop custom hybrid heat sinks to provide a unique liquid cooling solution. Chilldyne offers both custom hybrid air-liquid heat sinks and GPU cold plates. Chilldyne’s turbulator cold plate technology allows for easy customization

Chilldyne SMART Failover Valve

Chilldyne offers automatic fail over valves that quickly switch a set of racks to a backup CDU in the event that the main CDU that normally cools the racks is down for maintenance or any other reason. The valves also measure temperature and report data via SNMP.

Chilldyne Rack Manifold

Chilldyne offers an OCP liquid-cooling rack manifolds to deliver coolant for over 100 servers. Chilldyne’s rack manifolds can remove 60 KW or more from an OCP rack. The negative pressure system allows the servers to be filled and connected or drained and disconnected while the system is in operation. No expensive connectors are required.

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